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Fears of BIOLOGICAL ATTACK in Europe: ROTTING TESTICLES found in ‘ISIS terrorist’s’ bag

FEARS have heightened an Islamic State sleeper cell are preparing to carry out a primitive biological attack on the streets of Europe after police found ROTTING TESTICLES in the backpack of an alleged terrorist.


Abderamane Ameroud was snared in a dramatic police operation in Brussels in the aftermath of the Belgium bombings last month.

The 38-year-old was shot in the leg and arrested as he lay by a tram station in the central district of Schaarbeek.

Photos from the raid showed a rucksack dangling from his arm.

It was not immediately clear what the bag contained, but police took no chances and sent in a remote controlled robot to him to check he was not armed or wearing a suicide belt.

However, prosecutors today revealed it contained a plastic bag full of vile material including rotting animal testicles and excrement.

Those items can be used to poison food supplies, or to create a deadly concoction aimed at spreading fatal diseases.

They could also have been used for testing chemical agents on.

Brussels’ prosecutor later sought to quell suspicions that the contents of the bag were evidence of a biological plot, issuing a statement saying: “The rucksack contents … could at no time have been used to make a biological weapon. This has been verified


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