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Revealed: Einstein blamed US for not stopping Nazis

US government of 1942 controlled by ‘fascist financiers,’ Einstein fumes in a never-before-seen letter.


Albert Einstein privately criticized the US for not doing enough to defeat Nazi Germany in a never-before-seen letter he sent to a colleague.

The German-born, Jewish scientist believed his adopted homeland would have failed to confront Nazi Germany if Hitler were not a lunatic, intent on world domination.

He also suggested that for the first part of Second World War the White House was ‘controlled by near fascist financiers’ who sided with the Nazi regime, which was why the US did not enter the war until December 1941.

The physicist’s opinions have been revealed after the 1942 letter he wrote while at Princeton University emerged at auction for £30,000.

It was sent to the university’s president, Dr Frank Kingdon, who shared Einstein’s concerns.

It was never meant for public eyes as at the time of writing America had giving Einstein shelter from fascist persecution in Nazi Germany.

The scientist thought the government’s inaction had led to the consolidation of fascism in Europe and that American financiers tacitly encouraged the growth of the Far Right.

Einstein, recognized as one of the most important minds in the twentieth century, was angered by America’s relationship with Spanish dictator Francisco Franco after the country’s civil war; the fact it had a diplomat in Vichy France – the French state which collaborated with the Nazis – and its treatment of Soviet Russia.

He wrote: ‘You can imagine how the new crimes committed by the Nazis in France make me suffer, crimes assisted to by the ‘fascist’ Vichy-traitors.

‘I cannot, however, make up my mind to approach Washington on the matter. My reason is a sad one indeed and I wish to explain it to you so that you may understand my negative attitude: Why did Washington help to strangulate Loyalist Spain?



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