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Stewardesses Told To Wear Hijabs To Appease Muslims, They Have 1 Response..THIS IS AWESOME!


Fantastic! This is what we need to stand up to Islamo-loving, politically correct, leftist group-think… Strong women who… Just Say No!

These classy ladies just B-TCH slapped their Islamic ass-kissing employer. Big ups to them! We need more women like that in America!

A Western airline recently told its stewardesses that they must wear Islamic head coverings when flying to Iran, in order to appease their Muslim customers. However, instead of bowing to Sharia and cowering to Islamic misogyny, the female flight attendants banded together and gave a response worthy of a standing ovation.

Although Air France stewardesses have the choice of wearing a uniform with a skirt or trousers, the airline has declared that they will now be forced to don hijabs and a long cloak that covers their legs when traveling aboard on flights to and from Tehran, Iran.

Air France has decided to impose Sharia law, which requires women living in many Islamic countries to cover their hair, as it is considered a shameful sexual display. While leftists would expect the flight attendants to simply kowtow to this religious requirement without question, the female workers have stood in defiance of the political standard.

The Telegraph reports that the UNAC, a union representing


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