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Sweden: Muslim man bought components for Boston-style pressure cooker bomb to kill Swedish citizens

He wanted to join the Islamic State but was prevented. So apparently he decided to wage jihad in Sweden. I’ve warned many times that Muslims from European countries (and the U.S.) who are prevented from going to Iraq and Syria may decide to kill Infidels at home — and here we are.

“Trainee Teacher Bought Components For Boston Bombing-Style Pressure Cooker Bomb,” by Oliver JJ Lane, Breitbart, April 7, 2016:


A 20-year-old Muslim male appeared in Swedish court today, standing accused of manufacturing a device with the intention of performing a suicide bombing in the Nordic nation.

The former trainee teacher was arrested in February after buying bomb-making equipment to construct a device that has been described as being similar to the ones used to kill six and maim hundreds at the 2013 Boston marathon. Among the materials purchased for the incomplete device were a pressure-cooker, ball bearings, and acetone bleach, a common bomb making ingredient.

The man had already been prevented from joining the Islamic State.

Prosecutor Ewamari Häggkvist told the court that the accused had “acquired, stored and compiled liquids and objects with the intent to make a suicide bomb. The criminal act prepared would have seriously hurt Sweden… We have evidence that he has bought and acquired a number of objects.

“We have seized six bottles of acetone. We can see that he has bought at least three packages of ball-bearings. He has bought a pressure cooker. He bought Christmas tree lights, the kind with a part-loop [of wire] with batteries. We have also found duct tape and an old model mobile phone, and he himself has said that he has bought three large boxes of matches.

“He has bought these with the intention of making a bomb”….

The prosecutor said: “He says he wants to become a martyr. There is information in the investigation that he is to others would have


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