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Belgian Jihadi Carried Toxic Material Used to Infect People with Fatal illnesses like Typhoid and Cholera


One of the Brussels Muslim terrorists was carrying material that could be used to infect people with fatal illnesses like typhoid and cholera. Authorities, of course, are playing down the threat posed by material. Dirty bombs, biological warfare — this is the future our enemy has planned for us. Our leadership’s response — protect and defend Islam at all costs, no matter what the human toll.

What is primary in the minds and actions of our political leaders is never to associate Islamic terror with Islam.

Photo above: Armed police coax a young girl away from a suspect who is lying on the ground at a tram stop in Brussels on March 25. Photo: Associated Press

“Belgian Suspect Ameroud Said to Have Carried Potentially Toxic Material,” By Laurence Norman, Wall Street Journal, April 9, 2016:
Authorities play down threat posed by material

BRUSSELS—Belgian police sent an internal note around in recent days warning that a terror suspect arrested three days after the Brussels attacks was carrying material that could be used to infect people with fatal illnesses like typhoid and cholera, a police official confirmed. But prosecutors separately dismissed the threat that the material posed.

The note was earlier reported by the website of Belgian newspaper Derniere Heure earlier this week. On Saturday, the website published the communication, which the police official confirmed to The Wall Street Journal was an “official internal note.”

Belgian federal prosecutors said in a statement Friday there was no threat from the material found on Abderrahmane Ameroud, a 38-year-old Algerian national who was detained at a tram stop in Brussels on March 25.

The attacks, at Brussels national airport and the metro station, killed at least 32 people. Mr. Ameroud, who was detained in connection with a plot in France that authorities say was in an advanced stage, remains in custody.

Despite the worries presented in the police note, prosecutors said lab tests had shown that Mr. Ameroud wasn’t carrying “any material that could have served at any time to make a biological weapon.”

A Belgian official repeated that on Saturday. The person said the police note was sent before authorities had completed the tests and that the material posed “no danger to public health.”

Still, the police note, which appears to have been



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