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“It is US who blow up ourselves, it is US who blow up others”…Saudi newswoman wants Muslims to be ashamed over terrorism

  • Nadine Al-Budair made three-minute speech on Saudi Arabian news show
  • Told fellow Muslims to admit that terrorists are not a rarity in their religion
  • Once wrote that Muslims should stop blaming West for their problems 

A newsreader interrupted her own broadcast to urge fellow Muslims to feel ‘shame’ over terrorist atrocities like the Brussels and Paris attacks.

Nadine Al-Budair made a three-minute speech during a show on a Saudi Arabian news channel where she told her fellow Muslims to stop ‘shredding their conscience’.

The broadcaster begged Muslims to take responsibility for the terrorists in their midst instead of suggesting that they were simply a ‘rarity’.


She said: ‘Whenever terrorism massacres peaceful civilians, the smart alecs and the hypocrites vie with one another in saying that these people do not represent Islam or the Muslims.

‘Perhaps one of them could tell us who does represent Islam and the Muslims.’

She goes on to add: ‘It is we who blow ourselves up. It is we who blow up others.


‘Why do we shed our own conscience?

‘Don’t these perpetrators emerge from our environment? Don’t their families belong to our society?

‘After the abominable



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