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Muslims Take Over Streets In Greece And Harass Greek People And Trucks, The Greek Police Do Nothing

As yourself- what would happen if this was a group of Greeks doing this in their own city? Everybody knows the answer- the riot police would be called in and the protest would be broken up with extreme prejudice. There would be broken limbs, bloodied faces, and a whole lot of people being hauled off to jail and booked on as many charges as possible. Yet when Muslims do it, the police let them get away with it.

Listen to the video. Read the subtitles (translated by Golden Dawn)

Make no mistake, this is about invasion per EU (read: German) policy, and it is not just in Greece. It is happening all across Europe, albeit in different forms but the same evil- allow the Muslims to do whatever they want, and suppress your own as viciously as possible.

What will historians say in one, two, three centuries now when they see videos or read about events like this? Our descendants will look back on these events with shock and wonder how we in our times could have sold out our own societies and progeny, yet it is so simple- it is happening before our eyes.

Connect the dots – Europe’s “leaders” are


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