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Obama’s. ‘surge operation’ to clear 10,000 Syrian refugees in just 3 months to come to America…600 interviewed A DAY


The administration has established a “surge operation” in Jordan to process 10,000 Syrian refugees and get them to the United States by President Obama’s deadline of September 30, according to a new report on the temporary processing center in Amman.

The report said that some 600 interviews are being conducted every day, suggesting that 36,000 refugees are being targeted for entry into the United States.

The Center for Immigration Studies on Friday reported on the first family to get cleared and enter the United States, landing in Kansas City last week. At the airport in Amman, the U.S. ambassador to Jordan gave them a welcome. From the CIS report:

U.S. ambassador Alice Wells, at the airport in Jordan to see the Al-Abboud family off, spoke to the media: “This family is the first


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