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UK: Hijabbed Muslima worries that “people will start to look at me in a funny way” due to Islamophobia after recent terror attacks

When the jihad terror attacks took place in Paris and Brussels, Ida S. Suandi-Al Shara began to ask herself “if I or we can live safely” in London. Why? Because armed bands of non-Muslims are menacing innocent Muslims? No, that’s not happening. Or because Muslims have been barred from holding certain jobs or entering certain areas? No, that’s not happening either? Is it because Muslims are being harassed, ridiculed, mocked, vilified, and menaced? No, contrary to claims, that isn’t happening, either. Ida S. Suandi-Al Shara is worried that “people will start to look at me in a funny way.”

Oh, the Islamophobia! As Muslims are committing mass murder in Europe, this Muslim woman is worried not about the lost lives, or about the texts and teachings of Islam that jihadis use to justify this savagery, but about people giving her funny looks. The “Islamophobia” industry is getting increasingly absurd, and it has to, since there isn’t any real “Islamophobia” upon which it can base its victimhood claims.


“Singaporean Muslim mum in London: How can my family live here safely?,” by Ida S Suandi – Al Shara, The New Paper, April 7, 2016 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):

Late last year, just a month after our move from Eindhoven in the Netherlands to London, the city of Paris was shaken by a number of explosions that claimed hundreds of lives.

What we saw on the news then just numbed us.

My family and I just sat down for a moment and watched the television without uttering a word.

We were shocked by what was shown on the news and immediately felt scared.

You see, Paris was only three and a half hours from our previous residence in Eindhoven and we had, on a number of occasions, taken road trips over the weekend to enjoy Paris’ beauty and serenity.

The places where the attacks took place somehow struck a chord of familiarity.

Just four months later, the city of Brussels became the latest target of violence in Europe.

Once again, we sat in front of the telly and went silent.

If Paris was a three-and-a-half-hour drive from our previous residence, Brussels was only an hour and fifteen minutes away.

Worse still, Brussels and Antwerp were the two cities that we visited on most weekends not only because of their close proximity to us then, but also because of the large number of Muslims in these cities that gave us the opportunity to explore the many halal restaurants and shops that catered to our needs.

When these tragedies, so close to where we have been, happened, I always ask myself if I or we can live safely here.

Every day when my husband goes to work and the children are at school, I’m afraid to go anywhere and will stay indoors.

Perhaps this is just me and my mind playing the scary ‘what ifs’ scenarios, but I am a Muslim woman and I don the hijab.

Also, we now live in an area where there are hardly any Muslims and I know each time something big like the bombings happen


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