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A Promise Fulfilled: A Look Back at the ISIS Threat to ‘..Flood Europe With Refugees and Hide Terrorists Among Them..’


Just a little over a year ago..Europe was (generally speaking) ‘..Refugee Free..’ – Yes, at that time.. there were little German and Swedish girls that had “not yet” been raped. There were thousands of young women in Cologne that had “not yet” been sexually violated. There were little boys and girls all across Europe that were free to have fun in their local swimming pools..without the fear of being gang-raped or gang-molested. There were dozens in Brussels, that were still alive and free to live. -What a difference a year can make…

The article below is a ‘re-publication’ of an article that was ‘originally’ published, just over a year ago. It was at that time ISIS threatened to ‘..Flood Europe With Hundred’s of Thousands of Refugees and Hide Terrorists Among Them..’ – And as we all now know, they kept their promise. – And it would be wise of our governments, our leaders and the citizens at large to always remember this…

‘ISIS ALWAYS KEEPS THEIR PROMISES!’ – A promise made by them, but unfulfilled to a promise yet to come…


‘..My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because


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