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Brussels terror cell initially targeted Euro 2016 tournament

‘Mass terror attack’ intended for Paris was 10-day soccer tournament, suspect reveals.

By Tova Dvorin


The Brussels, Belgium bombing cell planned to attack the Euro 2016 soccer cup, a French news agency reports Monday, which is being held in France this summer.

On Sunday, prosecutors revealed that the cell – which includes dozens of Islamists, many of whom are related – had not initially chosen Brussels’ airport and metro stations as a target, but had initially planned a mass terror attack in France.

After his Friday arrest, Brussels bomber Mohamed Abrini revealed that the true target was the Euro 2016 cup, Libération reports – an event held in 10 different locations throughout the country and beginning and ending in Paris.

Police told the daily that the news did not surprise investigators, and that police forces were “always looking at potential scenarios” to prepare for potential attacks.

It is unclear why the terrorists opted to change their target, though some suspects had previously admitted to having expedited attack plans due to fears security forces were closing


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