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CALM BEFORE THE STORM? Netanyahu explains recent ebbing of Islamic terror wave in Israel

A key element in significantly reducing the number of terrorist attacks has been to limit the number of “successful” attacks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

Netanyahu’s comments came at the top of the weekly cabinet meeting that was to hear a briefing from the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) indicating a significant decline in the number of terrorist attacks during the recent wave to terror.

“The main factor leading to the spread of terror, elsewhere and in Israel, is success,” Netanyahu said. “The degree to which we reduce the successes, we are reducing those who want to join those successes. That is the main thing that we are doing, and we will continue, as well as in parallel taking aggressive action against the Palestinian incitement,”

Netanyahu stressed that he was talking about a significant decrease in the number of attacks with “caution, since this trend can change.”

He attributed the decrease in the wave of terror stretching back to October 2015 to an “aggressive, responsible, and systematic policy that the government has led.” He said the policy contained both offensive and defensive elements, and “brought about a situation where the terrorist elements are succeeding less.”

In addition to the Shin Bet briefing, Netanyahu


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