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IRISH BRUCE LEE who took on Muslim mob in Turkey might actually be jailed for defending himself

AN IRISHMAN who became an online sensation after fighting a mob of Turkish shopkeepers singlehandedly could be jailed for nine years.


Accused Mohammed Dobbous was dubbed the ‘Irish Boxer’ after CCTV footage showed him downing one attacker after another during the punch-up in the Aksaray neighbourhood of Istanbul.

But after the video went viral, he was arrested by police.

The Kuwaiti-born Irish citizen now stands accused of causing grevious bodily harm (GBH)- a charge he denies.


He told judges in the Palace of Justice in Istanbul that he was not a boxer at all, “just a Mike Tyson fan”.

Dobbous denied charges of assault and GBH and said the whole brawl in August 2015 had been a misunderstanding.

He said he was attacked by a shopkeeper after he apparently broke a fridge trying to open it to get a bottle of water.

Dobbous told the court: “When the bottles fell, the man in the shop tried to hit me with a stick. I grabbed it and threw it away.

“I was confused. Then, others came at me. I don’t remember their faces. One man tried to stab me in the back.

“I knew I would be done if I fell while they were attacking me.”

But shopkeeper Senol Palan said Dobbous had become aggressive after another tourist had been told the shop did not sell alcoholic drinks.

He claimed the accused threatened


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