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Obama opens up and admits his WORST mistake as President of the United States

  • Obama stood by his decision to lead NATO coalition to overthrow Gaddafi
  • Dictatorial ruler was beaten and shot by rebels after NATO bombing in 2011
  • But the President said the chaos that followed was his ‘worst mistake’
  • Admits he failed to plan for post-Gaddafi world in which the country split apart and allowed ISIS to gain a foothold there 

As he winds down toward the end of his eight-year term as President, Obama has been keen to trumpet all of the things he believes his administration got right during his time at the helm.

But during an interview on Fox News on Sunday, Obama took a moment to reflect on his biggest mistake while Commander in Chief.

Speaking to host Chris Wallace, Obama said: ‘Probably failing to plan for the day after what I think was the right thing to do in intervening in Libya.’

In 2011, a US-led NATO coalition began bombing forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi as he threatened to slaughter the residents of Benghazi following rebellions there in the wake of the Arab Spring.

Those strikes helped turn the balance of power in favor of the rebels who ejected Gaddafi from his power-base in Tripoli, before facing down in a last-stand at the city of Sirte, on the coast.

As the last loyalist district of the city fell, Gaddafi attempted to flee in a convoy which was picked up and then bombed from the British Royal Air Force.

Rebel troops soon found Gaddafi hiding in a culvert at the side of the road before dragging him out and beating him.

Graphic footage taken at the time shows a heavily bleeding Gaddafi being dragged through an aggressive crowd before he was shot dead.

While the overthrow of his dictatorial regime was hailed as a success for NATO coalition, forces quickly withdrew from the country



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