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SHOCKING STAT: 90% of the students in the Muslim ghetto of Molenbeek in Brussels hail the ISIS terror attacks on Paris and Belgium

TEACHERS working in predominantly Islamic parts of Brussels have claimed the majority of their students refer to the Paris and Brussels attackers as “heroes”.


Those working in the areas of Molenbeek and Schaerbeek have made the shock claim up to “90 per cent of their students, 17, 18 years old” use the term when speaking about the attackers.

It was revealed by a Belgian policymaker in an article in the New York Times.

Yves Goldstein, chief of staff for Rudi Vervoort, the leader of the local government in Brussels, said friends who teach in the predominantly Muslim districts of Molenbeek revealed the figures to him.

He said: “Our cities are facing a huge problem, maybe the largest since World War Two.

“How is it that people who were born here in Brussels, in Paris, can call heroes the people who commit violence and terror?”

Speaking about the attackers, Mr Goldstein claimed “religion for them is a pretext” and they “believe in nothing”.


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