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Florida billboard reading ‘Islam Bloody Islam’ sparks worldwide outrage from some…others think it’s pretty appropriate

  • A billboard reading ‘Islam Bloody Islam’ appeared over a Florida highway
  • The sign was paid for by a private individual not an organization or church
  • People across the globe have expressed their disgust with the sign 
  • A petition to have it removed has earned nearly 2,300 signatures 

A billboard in St. Augustine, Florida, that criticizes Islam is causing international outrage.

The words ‘Islam Bloody Islam’ are written in a red, tattered font on a black background across the 14-foot high sign.

Written in in white below the red words the billboard reads: ‘Doomed by its doctrine’.

The statement has become a source of ire for those who have to look at it every day as well as those across the globe.

One neighbor, who lives just feet away from the sign, on highway A1A and Seashore Avenue, told CBS 47 he thought it was inappropriate.


Another said: ‘Politics, religion that kind of thing – people can get pretty heated about it, so I just try to leave that kind of stuff alone.’

One woman, Bonnie Rosen, drove down to see the sign for herself. It was worse than what she expected.

‘I was expecting a small five-by-three homemade sign.

‘This is horrifying because this tells me that they want everyone in our whole city to read this,’ she said.

A petition, started by a woman named Becky Williams, hopes to bring the sign down.

‘We should always stand up for those in our community who are shown hatred and intolerance.

‘We should be outraged that a billboard with this message could in any way represent our community as a whole.

‘It is of the utmost importance that we stand against messages and movements that isolate, judge and threaten an entire sect of people



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