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Shocking footage of brutal assault by Muslims in the UK as man is kicked unconscious while injured on the floor

THIS is the horrifying moment a group of thugs kicked a man unconscious at a petrol station.

The victim, who is in his 20s, survived the assault which saw his attackers kick his head against a petrol pump.

The CCTV footage, taken from a petrol station in Birmingham at 4.30am on Saturday, shows the man initially trying to escape.

He is seen to stumble and fall against a car which had finished filling up at the pump before the driver speeds off.


The victim falls over and is kicked and punched repeatedly by two Asian men while he holds his hands up begging for mercy.

The 1.09-minute clip shows the men kicking his head dozens of times before he slumps unconscious with his head resting at a grotesque angle at the foot of the petrol pumps.

A young woman wearing a dress and high heels comes to the man’s aid but is forced to flee when a hooded yob marches over to the unconscious man and jabs him in the throat.


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