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6 Muslim ‘refugees’ gang rape a European girl…and laughed the entire time doing it

A TEENAGE girl was gang-raped and sexually assaulted while others watched and laughed in a “foreigners’ dosshouse”, a court has heard.


She told Maidstone Crown Court yesterday that 18-year-old Ahmed Ali Naeem and an another 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were among the men who attacked her in a bedsit in Kent.

The girl, 18, said she was assaulted by at least six men while others watched, laughed and prevented her from leaving the Gillingham property.

She told the jury she finally escaped by head-butting one of the men and punching another before fleeing down the road. Even then the group, which she described as being of Middle Eastern appearance, followed her and attempted to make her return to the property, the court heard.

The ordeal began when she was invited to the house for drinks, after mistakenly believing that her friend knew the men.

She said in a recorded police interview, which was played to the court yesterday: “One of them forced me upstairs and had sex with me. All of them were at the door. I was naked.

“I was being gang-raped. I was telling them that I did not want it. I wanted it to stop but they were getting more forceful.

“In the downstairs bedroom I thought there was a man who would help me but he raped me as well.”

She said she desperately tried to escape the property but was repeatedly prevented and raped again.

She added: “I was trying to get out but as I got to the front door there were 10 of them standing by it. I tried to fight my way through them but another man grabbed my hand and pulled me to an upstairs bedroom.

“He raped me. I kept saying stop and he started to get more aggressive. I ran out of the bedroom. I headbutted one of them and punched one.”

She said she “lost it” at that point and her friend ran across the road to get a neighbour to help.

She told the court: “Even when I was walking up the road the boys


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