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BLAME PUTIN: Is the massive invasion of Syrian ‘refugees’ into Europe a plot by the Russian leader to destroy the continent

The country spent six months bombarding Syria with explosives in support of president Bashar Hafez al-Assad, branding him ‘best for the region’.

Russia said it would strike at the heart of Islamic State, taking out leaders and stopping them in their tracks in the wake of the terror attack on Paris.

But those who have escaped bombed out homes say the Russians struck targets “nowhere near” ISIS, hitting civilian areas during the campaign, more often than IS.


Migrants who lived under Assad’s brutal rule said the deadly deal between their Government and Vladimir Putin is a major factor in the number of people seeking asylum in Europe – not fear of Islamic State.

Speaking from refugee camps in Preševo, Serbia, people who lost their homes to Russian attacks before the February 27 ceasefire said Putin’s forces have only helped to enforce the brutal regime of Assad.

Mohammed Ahmad, who lived closed to Damascus took pictures of his bombed-out home before he left.

The building is riddled with bullet holes and caved in at the front.

He said: “We are not running from Daesh.

“Russian planes bombed my house. They shot everywhere – Daesh was not even near where we live. Nowhere near. They destroyed everything.

“Malls, houses, they shoot


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