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DRONE DOME: New Israeli system counters drones like never before


Drone Dome is designed to counter a range of threats including cheap toy-store multi-rotors.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. unveiled its new Drone Dome system, developed by the same company division that developed the Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile interception systems, at this week’s LAAD security exhibition in Brazil. Drone Dome is designed to counter a range of threats from multi-rotors, which are available in toy stores for a few hundreds shekels, but which haunt the nightmares of every agency responsible for the security of sensitive installations, military camps, and airports.

An extra pair of eyes

For a long time, defense sources have expressed concern that terrorist organizations like Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip would make extensive use of multi-rotors and miniature unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – even of radio-guided model airplanes operated by remote control – against IDF forces and Israeli targets. These weapons can be armed and turned into flying precision bombs, and can also be used for gathering intelligence about bases, concentrations of forces, and in general. No army wants its enemy to have several more pairs of eyes in the sky.

One indication of how serious this threat is came when the Ministry of Defense border crossings unit revealed several attempts at smuggling multi-rotors into the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom border crossing. Every so often, multi-rotors are discovered in containers loaded with toys, but the defense establishment fears that their real purpose is far from innocent.

Rafael refused this week to say much about its new Drone Dome system, which is still in the development stages, but did explain that it is designed to provide effective air defense against hostile multi-rotors and mini and micro-UAVs through the use of radar and electro-optic sensors, an observational system, and radio and GPS jamming. It is being described as capable of detecting and identifying, tracking, and neutralizing hostile multi-rotors and miniature UAVS. The company says that the system is designed primarily for defense against threats from terrorist organizations using these tools to collect intelligence or conduct attacks from the air. The system is also suitable for defending airports, where drones are liable to endange


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