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Freedom House: Democracy in Europe threatened by “Islamophobia”

Back in 2005, Freedom House issued an important study of Saudi-funded U.S. mosques, finding these mosques to be filled with publications stating that “it is a religious obligation for Muslims to hate Christians and Jews and warn against imitating, befriending, or helping such ‘infidels’ in any way, or taking part in their festivities and celebrations. They instill contempt for America because the United States is ruled by legislated civil law rather than by totalitarian Wahhabi-style Islamic law. Some of the publications collected for this study direct Muslims not to take American citizenship as long as the country is ruled by infidels and tells them, while abroad, above all, to work for the creation of an Islamic state. The Saudi textbooks and documents spread throughout American mosques preach a Nazi-like hatred for Jews, treat the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion as historical fact, and avow that the Muslim’s duty is to eliminate the state of Israel. Regarding women, the Saudi state publications in America instruct that they should be veiled, segregated from men and barred from certain employment and roles.”

Who funded this new Freedom House report? At a time when Muslim migrants are creating unrest (and participating in jihad terror attacks) in Europe, the idea that “Islamophobia” constitutes a threat to European democracy is not only risible, but serves the sinister of agenda of fostering complacency regarding the genuine threat that manifested itself in Paris and Brussels.


“Islamophobia threatens democracy in Europe, report says,” by Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post, April 13, 2016:

In a report on the health of democracy in the post-Soviet world, Freedom House painted a bleak picture of the state of liberal values in parts of Europe. The Washington-based human rights advocacy organization, which publishes a global freedom index every year, highlighted a number of worrying trends in 29 countries in Eastern and Central Europe, as well as former Soviet states in Central Asia.

Chief among them was the strengthening of authoritarian politics in a number of countries, as well as the rise of “illiberal


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