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Pakistani Muslim tells why he joined the Zionist Movement

Pakistani writer Noor Dahri explains why as a Muslim from Pakistan he has decided to join the Zionist Federation of the UK and why other Muslims should follow in his footsteps.

It was 30th of March, 2016, when I was invited by the Zionist Federation of UK and it was the day when I acquired honorary membership in the Zionist Federation. I received mixed responses from different social circles and schools of thought, especially from the South Asian community. My own Pakistani community was surprised and mortified when I proclaimed my adherence to Zionism. I received various texts and social media messages from Muslim communities across the globe. Most of them welcomed my brave and courageous step to grasp the truth and some people asked queer questions regarding any anti-religious elements in Zionism especially for the religion of Islam. In response to their contrasting questions, I adopted the following way of discourse:

1) Why did I join the Zionist Movement being a Muslim?

First of all, I need to ask a very exclusive question before an answer to the above question, which is what is Zionism? In fact, Zionism is a political reclamation movement to establish a separate, safe and inviolable state for the world Jewish community in Palestine. This movement was extremely crucial for the Jewish people, to settle them down in a secure place from the worst persecution of the European and the Middle Eastern peoples. Before the Zionist Movement, there was still persecutions, pogroms, genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people all around the world. Before the establishing of the Zionist Movement, the Jewish community was abandoned and helpless and the Zionist Movement gave them an aspiration, provided them a political platform to increment their lawful voice and a social support. The Zionist Movement was the national liberation movement of the Jewish people and its main goal was to the return the Jews to Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel). The world history shows us the huge religious, cultural and social persecution of the Jewish people before the creation of the Zionist Movement in 1896 by Theodor Herzl.

The Zionist Movement is an authentic national movement of the Jewish people in the world. There are many people of various religions who joined a political branch of Zionism in solidarity with the Jewish people and in support of Israel. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was an enormous figure from the history who was pro-Israel and pro-Zionism because he has seen great persecution against the black community in the US and all around the world. He experienced racism first hand. Every person who suffered racially and religiously would understand better what the objectives of Zionism are. The Zionist Movement is as a supportive liberation movement such as Martin Luther’s African-American civil rights movement and Nelson Mandela’s Anti-Apartheid Revolutionary Movement and like many other revolutionary or solvation movements for their nation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr always supported Israel and Zionism throughout his life: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews; you are talking anti-Semitism.”

I was not the sole Muslim who joined this the Zionist Movement; there are numerous Muslims in history that also joined this movement in consensus with the Jewish community and in support of Israel. I joined the Zionist Federation in the UK because I believe that the Jewish community needs more support for their cause, they need someone, who campaigns for peace between the Muslim and the Jewish community, someone who can descant with the Pakistani community for them and someone who can educate their people about the reality of Israel and Jewish people. I then decided to become a part of the Zionist Federation, which is a great honour for me.

2) Zionism is against Islam and Muslims!

There are many conspiracies against Zionism and Zionists in the world. So many people blame Zionism for every wrong that happens in the world and one


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