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VIDEO of NIGHT TERROR: Muslim migrant mobs ATTACK car and SET FIRE to road to stop truckers in France


Obama’s plans for America’s future..

“Hundred-strong packs of Muslim migrants wielding iron bars becoming a regular sight for truckers….” These truckers need guns. No one is saying it but we are seeing the beginning of a civil war (if the people fight back) if not, it is the Islamic conquest of Europe.

The history books will not be kind to Frau Merkel and the EU. Charles Martel was revered, Angela Merkel will be reviled. People will spit when they hear her name.
Below: Scenes from Calais, France

“NIGHT OF TERROR: Calais migrant thugs attack car and SET FIRE to road to stop truckers,” By Nick Gutteridge, The Express, April 10, 2016

CALAIS was clearing up today following one of its worst nights of terror after gangs of migrant thugs attacked a family in their car and set fire to barricades in the road to stop terrified truckers.
Skirmishes broke out across the lawless port town as roaming packs of migrants apparently carried out a mass violent bid to reach Britain.

Videos emerged online showing migrants setting fire to barricades made of wood and tyres in the middle of the motorway near the port, to force lorries to stop so they could break inside.
And one woman posted photographs of her friend’s smashed up car, which she says was attacked by a gang of 15 migrants wielding



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