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World War 3? US gears up for North Korean NUCLEAR ATTACK as Kim prepares ANOTHER launch

AMERICA is gearing up for a North Korean missile attack on its soil, US officials have confirmed.

Nervous authorities have called for major investment into America’s missile defences in a desperate bid to nullify the threat from despot Kim Jong-un.Officials believe the hermit nation’s missiles cannot currently reach the Us, but warned it is only a matter of time as North Korea’s capabilities will increase.

Crazed Kim has publicised a series of tests of his weapons technology since detonating its fourth nuclear bomb on in January, showcasing his massive push to develop long-range nuclear missiles, despite international sanctions.

US defence chief Brian McKeon told a senate hearing that Pyngyang’s nuclear and missile program posed a developing threat to the US and its allies in East Asia.

He said the reclusive country was seeking to develop longer-range nuclear ballistic missiles capable of hitting America and is tirelessly working to make its KN-08 road-mobile ICBM operational.

He said: “Although the reliability of an untested North Korean ICBM is likely to be very low, North Korea has used its Taepodong-2 launch


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