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British Army poised to take on ‘weak’ Argentina ‘within HOURS’ of Falklands invasion

HUNDREDS of British troops could be deployed to the Falklands in a matter of “hours” if Argentina threatened to attack the islands, according to a former UK defence secretary.


Sir Malcolm Rifkind, who served as Defence Secretary and Foreign Secretary during the 1990s, gave an analysis of Argentina’s pitiful military prowess as he said the Falklands were better defended now than at any point since the Falklands War, which ended more than three decades ago.

He insisted islanders had little to fear from a belligerent Buenos Aires administration because Argentina’s military capability was now a “shadow of what it was in the 1980s”.

He told “The Falklands today are hugely easier to protect. Argentina from a military point of view is far weaker and at any time of increased tensions the Falklands can be reinforced in hours not in weeks by air delivery of troops and equipment and anything else that might be required.”

Analysts estimate up to 1,000 British troops could be sent to the remote South Atlantic islands within days using an “air-bridge” with Ascension Island, where the RAF has a base, which allows planes to refuel mid-way through the 20-hour flight.

Key to defending the Falklands is RAF Mount Pleasant, which was expanded during the 1980s following the conflict


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