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Obama Blames America for Racism—Meanwhile, There Are a Million Slaves in Saudi Arabia


In Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States there are around over a million slaves. Obama has never mentioned this; rather, he is too busy blaming America for racism. These slaves are deprived of food and adequate living conditions, and they are, many times, abused. One of the most horrific examples was that of a 25-year-old Indonesian woman who had to get several of her fingers and toes and a part of her right foot amputated because she got infected with gangrene after being tied up for a month in a bathroom by her Saudi sponsor.

One Christian woman from Kenya, Beatrize, was trapped as a slave in Saudi Arabia. They took her phone and her passport and starved her, only allowing her some black tea. She managed to escape and fly back to Nairobi, Kenya. Her children were stuck in Mombassa, and our organization, Rescue Christians, paid for her children’s plane tickets to reunite them with their mother. One of her children was severely burned by a caretaker, who didn’t even care to take the child to the hospital. Rescue Christians paid for the medical bills.

She was working for a company from Holland, but, once the company left for security reasons, she was left jobless. “I was living in Mombassa and I lost my job… I had to look for another job because I have children and I had no where to go and no where to live”

From Mombassa, she travelled to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, to find a job. While there she met some ladies who promised her that they would find her a job. They took her to an agency that was bringing people to Saudi Arabia for work. Desperate, she accepted a job in Saudi Arabia. The agency flew her there, taking care of all her expenses and legalities. She left her children to the care of a friend, uncertain if they would have a place to stay upon arriving to the Arab Peninsula. Once she arrived in Saudi Arabia, she saw many people from Kenya, also looking for work.

A man picked her up from the airport and when she arrived brought her to his home. He took her passport and his wife took her phone. She didn’t realize why at that time, but she was being enslaved at that point. Her slaver owner deprived her of food, and she was taken into the life of slavery. We managed to get a video of Beatrize recounting her terrifying enslavement and servitude, and her escape:



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