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Sweden pulls up the drawbridge: Refugee magnet installs HEAT SENSORS to keep migrants out

DESPERATE Swedish police have been forced to install heat sensors on a major border crossing because so many migrants are trying to sneak into the country, can reveal tonight.



Authorities in Stockholm have brought in high-tech military grade heat sensor cameras to monitor the main bridge connecting the country to mainland Europe.

They have been forced to act because of the huge volume of migrants trying to sneak across the 10-mile long bridge, which is used by thousands of cars and lorries every day.

The desperate act is the latest sign that Europe’s Schengen free movement zone is imploding amid unprecedented migrant chaos.

Far from promoting free borders, more and more countries are now beefing up the security presence on their frontiers to try and wrestle back control of the flow of people.

Sweden is one of the dream locations for many migrants arriving in Europe from the Middle East because of its lax employment laws and generous benefits system.

But, amid a surge in support for far-right support the country is now rowing back on its previously unconditionally warm welcome to refugees.

The heat sensors installed on the Øresund Bridge, famous for TV detective show The Bridge, are just the latest example of how the authorities in Stockholm are trying to bring the spiralling migrant crisis back under control.

Jointly owned by Denmark and Sweden, the bridge is a road and rail link only linking the two countries, with no capacity for pedestrians to cross it.

With the same 70mph top speed as UK motorways, crossing the bridge by foot – which includes a tunnel and open air section – poses a serious risk to all parties.

But that has not deterred at least 25 migrants who have tried their luck at walking the length of Øresund in the


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