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Devout Muslim blasts Morrisons supermarket after labelling mix-up left him biting into a PORK roll instead of a cheese and onion pasty

  • Roll was clearly labelled ‘cheese and onion’ and ‘suitable for vegetarians’
  • But when Shamrez Razaq, 20, took a bite he realised it had pork in it
  • He had to snatch roll from same pack out of the mouth of his brother, 8
  • Incident happened at the Morrisons on Ingleby Road in Bradford 
  • Supermarket spokesman said: ‘We have offered our sincerest apologies’

A devout Muslim has slammed Morrisons after he took a bite out of a roll labelled ‘cheese and onion’ – only to realise it had pork in it.

Shamrez Razaq, 20, said he felt sick after chomping on the supermarket’s own savoury supermarket pastries, which were clearly labelled ‘cheese and onion’ and ‘suitable for vegetarians’.

The horrified man, who had bought the pack of rolls for his family’s tea, was forced snatch another roll from the same pack out of his eight-year-old brother’s mouth.


Mr Razaq, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, said: ‘For centuries my ancestors have not eaten pork – I can’t believe this has happened.

‘We regularly buy the cheese pastries from there so we never expected it to be pork. Why should we? It just shouldn’t happen.’

Speaking about the incident



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