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Netanyahu’s message to Assad and Putin

Op-ed: While observing a paratrooper drill in the Golan Heights, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admits to striking Hezbollah weapons shipments in Syria: is this simply a war of words, or the start of something larger?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu oversaw a paratrooper reserve drill on the Golan Heights recently where he heard a situational report prepared for him by various generals, and spoke to the reservists during their training.

Netanyahu was quoted during a press conference during the drill saying “We have ISIS on the other side of the fence here, Hezbollah on the other side of the fence, and Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the south.”


He continued, saying “we’re proud that here, in the stormy Middle East, we managed to preserve our relative peace and quiet here in Israel. We operate when and were we need to operate, including there, over the border, where we have carried out dozens of strikes in order to keep Hezbollah from obtaining weapons which can change the status quo.”


These weren’t Netanyahu’s first statements alluding to alleged Israeli strikes on Hezbollah weapons convoys in Syria. Even Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon alluded to this several times. But this time, Netanyahu’s


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