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False widow spider leaves man with horrific GAPING HOLE in his leg

THIS is the horrifying video which shows the damage a venomous spider found lurking in your home can do.

One man charted his gruesome recovery in a series of horrific clips after he was left with a gaping hole in his leg – when he was bitten by a false widow.

Richard Stevens first noticed what he thought was an innocuous bite on his leg in early December last year.

The 40-year-old thought it was just a small irritation, but it began to grow and over the following eight days it became a swollen, sore, hard lump, which was causing agony in his leg.

He reluctantly went to the hospital on December 10 as the wound became more enflamed, growing ever angrier, with a black dot emerging under the surface of the skin.

The project manager for John Lewis discovered he would need surgery to clear the infection out of his leg.

He said: “At first I didn’t know what it was, I don’t remember it happening it was so minor.

“I was a bit blasé, I’m a man’s man, I don’t like going to the doctor for nothing and I certainly wasn’t going to hospital for an insect bite.

“But I started to feel like something wasn’t quite right – I’d never had an insect bite cause this much pain.

“I’ve got a reasonably high pain threshold, but by 9am, literally in the space


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