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Jerusalem bus bombing has imprints of organized attack

Analysis: The explosive device detonated on a Jerusalem bus on Monday appears to have been made by a professional; while there is still a dearth of details regarding the bombing, the attacker likely detonated the bomb at the back of the bus to ignite the gas tank.

Although details surrounding Monday’s bus bombing in Jerusalem that wounded 21 remain unclear, the information that is available points to a small explosive device placed at the back of the vehicle, under a seat and above the gas tank.

The placement of the device explains why a relatively small bomb was able to cause such a large and immediate explosion. The extent of the fire also led to an adjacent bus, as well as a taxi, to go up in flames.


It also appears that the device was made by a professional rather than the somewhat prolific pipe bomb.


There have been three or four incidents of such pipe bombs being used during the so-called knife intifada, thrown by lone-wolf attackers with no organizational affiliation towards Border Police and IDF troops. The devices used in those attacks were short pipes filled with matches or gunpowder. These glued-together pipe bombs do not resemble that used in the bus attack.


The device that blew up in Jerusalem is likely to have involved more work and more knowledge to build, and used explosive material powerful enough to rip through the floor of the bus and to pass through the flap over the gas tank or engine of the bus.


The identity of the attacker is still being investigated, although it is likely that he is the individual who was critically wounded in his lower body in the blast. This means that the device was placed close to his legs and not his torso (that is, he wasn’t holding the device in his hands or resting it on his knees).


Nonetheless, it is also possible that the device was stashed under a seat by someone who


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