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For many people, the fat bulges are very unpleasant thing. Despite the fact that they make our clothes fit tight and our thighs jiggle, they also increase the risk for certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. For decades, the researches have tried to find ways to reduce them.

People have 2 types of fat cells: brown and white fat and to understand the differences between the two of them, means to help yourself to lose weight.

White fat” is a thin layer of blubber that we see on a human body – on the thighs and the backs of the arms. This certain fat acts as a thermal insulator, which keeps the stability of the body temperature.

Brown fat” is less abundant in a body and makes heat, rather than tricking it as the white does. In fact, brown fat warms cold body by burning calories or energy.

Where Do We Have Brown Fat?

Brown fat could be really difficult to study, because it’s hard to find it in adults, and usually can be found in random locations in the body, and not always in the same region on every person. There is an area in the shoulders and the neck, where you can find it most of the times, but again not on every person. The researches have shown that particular groups of people have more brown fat than others do. For instance:

  • Younger people have way more brown fat than older people.
  • Slender people have way more brown fat than overweight people.
  • People with a normal blood sugar levels have way more brown fat than the ones with high blood sugar levels.

Researches Have Shown Exposure to Cold Causes Fat Cell Death

Many experts claim that because people spend so much of their time indoors, in offices and overheated homes, it could cause their bodies to not typically burn calories to keep warm.

The experts have a practice that is known as “cold thermogenesis”, which could double the volume of metabolically active brown fat, an increase in insulin sensitivity, and burn more calories.

  • A moderate intensity of cold thermogenesis could sit in 50 to 60 degree room, just by wearing shorts that is very significant for the formation of brown fat.
  • A hardcore intensity of cold thermogenesis could be achieved just by wearing an ice vest and a pair of some firm shorts that are filled with an ice packs. This particular practice makes the body to shiver and burns massive amount of calories.

Ice Therapy to Burn More Body Fat

The author of the book “The Four-Hour Body”, Tim Ferriss, states that you could increase the fat burning potentials by adding ice therapy to your workout routine and healthy eating.

Using Ice Pack Therapy At Home in Order to Shed Excess Fat

For decades, the ice-packs prevent swelling in sport injuries and bring down an inflammation. The experts claim that it is possible to replicate these effects at your home, just by applying ice packs *to your skin.

What to Watch Out For

An incorrect usage of ice packs could cause skin burns, which can vary from mild burns of second or third degree, to serious burns of the first degree.

You can use some thin layer as T-shirt between your skin and the ice.

Also, you could try thin hand towel or a few papers-layer towels, for a couple of minutes, till your skin adjusts and then, remove the layer. The


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