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14 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Never Put In Your Mouth Again

The American Institute for Cancer on their website posted information about the recent study that found that most cancers can truly be prevented. And now, the medical experts estimate that 60 to 70% of all cancers are preventable through the currently available information which is simple change in diet and the lifestyle. This is amazing, right? For that reason, we are going to show you what dietary lifestyle changes you should make, which not only will improve your health, but they will also help you to avoid toxins that can increase the chance of cancer


1. BPA lined cans – you need to know that this ingredient is usually found in resins and hard plastics and it is used to coat metal cans. Several different studies in cells and animals have connected this ingredient to many diseases, like infertility, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Unless a canned item is labeled BPA free, it is possible that it contains bisphenol-A (BPA). Also you should know that BPA may be found in many plastic products and dental composites.

2. Sugar – For the individuals who are facing up with cancer, the key is to eliminate the sugar. Cancer cells advance in sugar and any nourishment that changes over to sugar, for example, grains, pastas, carbs, bread and most organic products. For the individuals who want to maintain wellbeing, having balanced eating routine that incorporates organic products is the best alternative.

3. Cured and Smoked Foods – first, I would like to ask you a simple question – do you know what are nitrates and nitrites? Well, nitrates and nitrites act as preservatives to prevent food from spoiling, they also add color to meats. But, when these 2 compounds are cooked, nitrites and nitrates change into by-products called N-nitroso compounds, such as nitrosamines and nitrosamides. N-nitroso compounds are associated with an increased risk of cancer.

4. Farmed Fish – a recent study has found that farmed fish contain higher levels of chemical pollutants than wild fish, including PCB’s a known carcinogen. Due to overcrowding in fish farms, fish are more susceptible to disease increasing the use of antibiotic use. Some experts claim that they are also more susceptible to sea lice, which means they are also treated with pesticides.

5. GMOs – we all know that the GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) have infiltrated our food supply at an alarming rate. You should definitely avoid GMO foods. Look for GMO free labels on foods.

6. Hydrogenated Oils – do you know what hydrogenated oils are? Also known as trans- fats they are a man-made product that has a chemical structure altered to prevent the product from going rancid so as to increase their shelf life. The recent study that was conducted by a group of experts at the Harvard School of Public Health, found that trans fats can promote inflammation and immune system over-activity and they are linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and many other chronic diseases. Moreover, they have being chemically extracted from their source, and the chemicals are also used to change the taste of the oil and mask the odor.

7. Non-organic fruit and vegetables – Non- organic fruits and vegetables are developed with GMO seeds, pesticides and herbicides. All of these are dangerous to your health.

8 .Soy protein isolate – The American Dietetic Association indicates that soy protein isolates are known to consist of anti-nutrient that can create or delay the body’s capacity to process food and absorb the supplements into the circulatory system. 90-95 percent of U.S. — developed


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