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WW3 RED ALAERT: North Korea claims sub nuclear missiles bring US and allies within range

US, France condemn Korean missile test. Kim Jong Un says world powers now vulnerable.


By David Rosenberg

North Korea’s nuclear capabilities took a giant step forward on Saturday, state media reported, with the successful underwater launch of a ballistic missile.

KCNA, the country’s official news agency, reported that the KN-11 ballistic missile system was successfully launched in a test fire from a submerged submarine.

Saturday’s test, which marks the first successful launch by the rogue state of an underwater nuclear-capable ballistic missile dramatically extends the reach of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. If deployed the KN-11 system would allow North Korean submarines ballistic missile submarines to approach the coastline of virtually any nation undetected and deliver a nuclear device to targets within 190 miles.

Observers noted that Saturday’s test fell far short of the KN-11’s design range, traveling less than 20 miles. But a US official told CNN that the test showed that Pyongyang had made great strides in recent months.

“North Korea’s sub launch capability has gone from a joke to something very serious. The US is watching this very closely.”

South Korea condemned the test, calling on its northern neighbor to “refrain from additional provocations.”

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