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At Sixty Six Mashiach is Revealed


Take a look at these passages from the Holy Zohar.

“At 66 years Melech HaMashiach will be revealed in the land of the Galil…”

We have reached the 66th year.

…when a star on the East side will swallow seven stars on the North side, and a flame of black fire will be hanging in the firmament 60 days…

We will see this star.  With our own eyes.  Moshiach’s star.

You can’t see it now, because the window did not yet open.  When it opens, we will see it.

…wars will be awakened in the world on the North side…

There will be wars, but they will be between the trouble-makers themselves.  Even a “sword of peace” will not cross the land.

Now is a good time to do many good deeds, to accelerate the process.

“The Land of Israel is the safest


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