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REVEALED: RAF Tornados annihilate Islamic State jihadis… with BIGGEST BOMB to date

RAF jets have dropped their biggest bomb on Islamic State fanatics for the first time, it has been revealed.


A giant pair of 2,000lbs warheads annihilated hillside barracks network belonging to the animalistic terror cult after being dropped in Iraq.

It is the first time the laser-guided Enhanced Paveway III (EPWIII) has been used against the bloodthirsty jihadi militants – also known as Daesh.

It is the RAF’s biggest bomb and is four times heavier than a Paveway IV.

The bombs, dubbed the “Bunker Buster”, are ideal for destroying buried bunkers with a warhead capable of breaching the strongest protection.

They were dropped last Thursday against a bunker complex which included tunnels running deep underground through western Iraq.

Michael Fallon commended the RAF for its tireless effort against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria.

The Defence Secretary told the Sun: “Day in, day out, our RAF is striking at the heart of Daesh in Syria and Iraq. These missiles enable us to hit them harder.”

RAF Tornado bombers usually carry the smaller Brimstone


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