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‘It’s friends killing friends. Everything they stand for is fake’: Former jihadi ‘star’ of ISIS propaganda videos reveals why he turned his back on the ‘inhuman caliphate’

  • Ex-jihadi Harry Sarfo, 27, said Syria bombings will radicalise more people
  • Former Royal Mail worker set to face trial in Germany for terror offences
  • He joined ISIS in April 2015 but left ‘inhuman group’ three months later 
  • Sarfo claimed police treatment in Germany caused him to join ISIS

A former jihadi has revealed he fled the ‘inhuman’ Islamic State after witnessing ‘brothers killing brothers’ and ‘friends killing friends’.

German-born Harry Sarfo, who grew up in the UK, said he witnessed children taking part in executions and carrying suicide bombs and brutal stonings and beheadings during his three months with the caliphate.

Sarfo, 27, is currently being held at a German prison and is due to stand trial over terror offences after joining ISIS in April 2015. While there he featured in propaganda videos calling for people in Germany to join the terror group.

He was arrested upon his return to Europe three months later after fleeing ISIS over its ‘extreme interpretation’ of Sharia law.


In an interview with the Independent, Sarfo, who has appeared in an ISIS propaganda video, said: ‘I witnessed stonings, beheadings, shootings, hands chopped off and many other things. I’ve seen child soldiers – 13-year-old boys with explosive belts and Kalashnikovs. Some boys even driving cars and involved in executions.’

He added: ‘The Islamic State is not just un-Islamic, it is inhuman. A blood-related brother killed his own brother on suspicion of being a spy. They gave him the order to kill him. It is friends killing friends.’

Sarfo said Coalition bombing raids would only radicalise more people should they lose family members in the air strikes.

A former Royal Mail worker, Sarfo, who moved to London as a teenager, said he trained with ISIS in Syria and experienced bombings ‘nearly every day’, while he also heard jihadis talking about plans to attack the UK and Europe.

Sarfo said he was attracted to the group because of its ideology of uniting people under one flag, and that he told its leaders he would not be prepared to take part in terror attacks.

He became radicalised after being forced to leave the UK in 2010 when he was jailed for a robbery in Germany.

While in prison he



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