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If You Have A Headache, Pimples And Problems With Nails Then You Need To Read This


To keep up your well being in good condition, your body needs to be supplied with all vitamins and minerals, yet it is in some cases troublesome on account of the busy calendar it is not generally conceivable to eat just healthy food. In the event that this might be your case, ensure you don’t ignore your health.

Problems with acne
This could be an indication of lacking zinc. You can apply creams to comprehend them, yet why not take care of the real reason for the issue? Eat more nourishments containing zinc, almonds, pumpkin seeds, spinach and peanuts. Your skin will be more than grateful and you will have a more delightful appearance.

In some cases headaches can be brought about by absence of magnesium, and it can without difficulty be settled by eating a banana or cabbage once a day for a continuous period.

Muscle cramps
This can likewise occur from lack of magnesium. Make a hot bath and add Epsom salts containing magnesium so that your skin absorbs it.
Cracking nails and dry hair
This is an indication that you need vitamin B7. Eat more yeast, cheddar, peanuts, nut and your nails will get to be solid once more.
Falling Hair
While combing and your hair is falling a lot it is an indication that you have iron deficiency. Eat more dark green leafy veggies and red meat.

White blisters
Having blisters on your wrists and fingers, shows


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