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To President Obama: It Is ISIS NOT ISIL


Why does Obama continue to call ISIS, ISIL. It’s pretty simple why if you look at his foreign policy regarding Israel in the beginning of his administration. Today we combat radical Islam. One tree with many branches of terror. It has different names and small goals with the same ideology.

ISIS is a Islamic terror organization like no other that have existed in its time.   Its methods are very distinct and different how they combat the “Infidel” compared to other terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah Taliban etc. So why does Obama and his administration continue to call ISIS ISIL.

ISIS stands for Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. They have distinctive features in almost everything about them even with their flag and symbol. Now the big L in ISIL stands for Levant. The Levant is the area that consists of Lebanon, west of “Palestine” (West Bank and Gaza Strip), Israel and Sinai, Egypt.

Since Obama took over office he and his administration


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