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BEGINNING OF THE END: First Cologne sex attack court case dismissed after witness fails to recognise defendant

A JUDGE has dismissed sexual assault charges against an Algerian man in the first case surrounding the Cologne New Year attacks.


A court spokesman said that it could not be proven that the 26-year-old took part in the sexual assault as the witness in the case failed to recognise the defendant.

However, he and another 23-year-old Algerian were convicted of theft and receiving stolen goods and were given six months suspended sentences.

Following the widespread sexual assaults in the German city, 1,000 criminal complaints were filed, hundreds alleging sexual assault.

Women were groped, robbed and intimidated when they were out celebrating New Year in the German city.

The horrific events in Cologne created tensions in Germany over the big influx of migrants, with the 1,000 attackers of North African and Arab appearance.

Many people have criticised Chancellor Angela Merkel for lifting asylum restrictions for Syrian refugees last summer, which led to the arrival of 1.1million migrants.

Detective Superintendent Thomas


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