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EU countries that refuse to accept refugees, must pay 250,000 euros … per refugee


The European Commission presented proposals for changes to the European asylum rules today. The EU asylum system collapsed last year when over one million asylum seekers came to the continent, and parts of the Dublin Agreement and the Schengen agreement have collapsed.

One of the suggestions to get the system up and running again is to send a bill to all EU countries that will not accept refugees.

A member country who refuses to accept a refugee, must pay 250,000 euros to the country that welcomes the refugee.

The price is part of the final proposal for new Dublin rules, which were put forward by the European Commission today.

The hope is to create a new asylum system for Europe that puts less stress on the front countries Greece and Italy, which are the countries where most of the refugees and migrants first arrive today.

The current Dublin agreement states that an applicant can only apply for asylum once within Schengen. If a refugee arrives to Italy and is registered there, he can thus not seek asylum in other EU countries. Then that country may send the asylum seeker back to Italy. The problem is that one million refugees came to Italy and Greece just last year, and according to the Dublin agreement, those two countries should register and give asylum to all these, providing there were grounds for asylum.

It is impossible, both Greece and Italy have stated.

Hence the plan for a new Dublin agreement.

The new plan is that the refugees will be distributed by a land’s size and prosperity. If a country gets more than 150 percent of


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