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Israelis suffer heavy defeat to Egypt in London’s ‘falafel war’

Egyptian media mocked the Israeli loss claiming Israel had tried to hijack Arab culture by chosing falafel as it’s national dish.

The city of London witnessed an unprecedented rivalry between Israel and Egypt during the traditional “London Falafel Festival,” that took place in the British capital last week.

During the festival hosted by the London-based Boro Market on May 1, an Israeli falafel restaurant competed against three Arab owned restaurants for votes, with each restaurant serving it’s own unique falafel dish.

After defeating the Palestinian and Lebanese restaurants present, the Israeli delegation, represented by a London-based falafel bar named “Pilpel”, qualified for the competition’s final round where it went head to head against the Egyptian falafel bar, “Zooba.”

The Egyptian dish, a charred-aubergine-stuffed falafel made with fava beans, received the majority of votes in the final round, winning


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