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Labour MP: ‘Britain could apologize for creating Israel’

Labour anti-Semitism scandal hits new low, as MP is exposed saying a Labour government could apologize for Israel’s existence.

By Ari Yashar


The UK Labour party anti-Semitism scandal, in which numerous leading party members have been suspended for statements of blatant Jew hatred, hit a new low on Sunday as a party MP was exposed as having suggested apologizing for Israel’s creation.

Labour MP Rupa Huq, representing the London borough of Ealing, was revealed by the Daily Mail on Sunday as having made the remarks at a meeting of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign last year.

Asked whether an apology should be made for the creation of the modern state of Israel, she said, “1948, that happened under a British government. To my mind, an apology – yes. You could do one. A Labour Government could probably get that through.”

“But it sounds a bit Tony Blair to me though, and we all know what happened to him,” she added, noting on the former prime minister who attracted criticism over historical debates.

Britain occupied the land of Israel in World War I from the Ottoman Empire and established its Mandate, which was tasked with establishing a modern Jewish state on the site of the ancient


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