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Thousands in Israel Could Lose Jobs With New Obama Demand Attached to Military Aid Package, Industrial Official Warns


Thousands of Israelis could potentially lose their jobs should a new demand by the Obama administration attached to its military aid bill be accepted, an Israeli industrial official told Globeson Wednesday.

According to the report, President Barack Obama is now stipulating that Israel use the aid it receives from the US to purchase weapons and systems from US arms companies only, diverting funds away from Israel’s own industries.

“Agreement by Israel to the US administration’s plan will deal a critical blow to the Israeli defense industries, reflected in the loss of thousands of jobs in Israel to the US,” Shraga Brosh, the president of the Manufacturers Association of Israel, told Globes.

Israel receives an annual military aid package from the US totaling $3.1, which it now seeks to increase to $4 billion, as part of “the framework


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