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Afghan film star seeks asylum in France after death threats over BEING PHOTOGRAPHED WITHOUT VEIL

This is the role of women in Islam. This is what high schools and colleges in the U.S. are carrying water for when they hold Hijab Days. When is the day for women who are threatened or honor murdered for not wearing the hijab?


“Afghan film star seeks asylum in France after death threats over unveiling,” AFP, May 5, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Afghan actress Marina Golbahari and her husband have been chased from their Kabul home to the brink of suicide in a French asylum shelter, after a photograph appeared of her without a veil.

Fearful for their lives, the couple has kept a low profile since their arrival in France just over five months ago for a film festival. “We never thought of staying,” said Azizi, the feted star of an internationally-acclaimed film. “We hardly packed anything.”

But death threats in Afghanistan to them and their family, they said, ruled out a return.

Golbahari was only 10-years-old in late 2001 when she was plucked from the streets of Kabul and thrust to stardom as the heroine in the Golden Globe-winning film “Osama.”

She was then selling magazines on the streets of the capital, and had witnessed the violence of the recently-toppled Taliban regime first hand when her father was beaten in front of her.

In the film set during the Taliban’s rule, she played a girl who disguises herself as a boy so that she can walk freely on the street.

“Osama” was a hit and made Golbahari, now 24, an instant star in her country. “Cinema is my life,” she told AFP. “In a film, I can say everything about my people.”

Her husband, Noorullah Azizi, also found a way out of grinding poverty through Afghanistan’s burgeoning film industry. He grew up in Pakistan among the millions of Afghan refugees who had fled the Soviet war of the 1980s. Now 28, he recalls a childhood spent sleeping under a tent and working in a shoe factory, before returning to Kabul and trying his hand at a thousand and one jobs.

He finally turned to acting, where his muscular physique and square jaw brought him roles as police officers and soldiers fighting the Taliban. “I was happy. I had everything,” he said.

Azizi and Golbahari met on Facebook and quickly fell in love, but the match was not welcomed by Azizi’s family, who refused to attend the marriage last September.

“They were ashamed of my wife because she is an actress and the whole world can see her photo,” he said. It did not take long for more serious trouble to arise.

A picture of Golbahari, head uncovered, at a festival in South Korea drew the ire of conservatives.

The imam in her local village of Kapisa announced that she should not return, which Azizi said translates as: “She must die.” Soon after a


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