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Israelis favor Clinton over Trump

Israelis favor Clinton, but believe Trump would be good for Israel’s security.

By David Rosenberg


New York real estate mogul and reality television star Donald Trump may have sewn up the Republican nomination, but he’s trailing his likely general election opponent, Hillary Clinton, by double digits in hypothetical matchups.

In the latest CNN/ORC poll Hillary beat Trump 54% to 41%, well outside of the poll’s 3% margin of error.

Even among Israelis, who have traditionally favored Republicans over Democrats, former Secretary of State Clinton is favored over Trump.

In an Israel Democracy Index poll released on Monday, both Arab and Jewish Israelis were more likely to believe that Hillary was better for Israel than Trump.

Among Israeli Jews, 40.3% responded that a Clinton presidency would be better for Israel, versus 31.2% who believed a Trump White House was more in Israel’s interests.

Israeli Arabs were more likely to have no strong preference between the two, but a plurality (26.8%) responded that Clinton would be better for Israel, compared to 14.1% who


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