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Niece of Hermann Goering reveals she had herself sterilized, she didn’t want to give birth to a monster

  • id creating ‘monster’
  • Relatives of notorious Nazis have come together to film new documentary
  • Katrin Himmler great niece of Heinrich Himmler also describes impact of her family ties

The niece of Hitler’s deputy Hermann Goering has revealed she had herself sterilised rather than risk giving birth to ‘a monster’.

Bettina Goering, who now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a great niece of Goering, who founded the Gestapo secret police, organised the Holocaust and ordered the Blitz on Britain.

The 60-year-old, who practices herbal medicine, is one of a number of relatives of infamous Nazis who have revealed how their family ties have affected them.


She has revealed how both she and her brother were voluntarily sterilised.

‘I had my tubes tied at the age of 30 because I feared I would create another monster,’ she said.

‘I look like him, for a start – the eyes, the cheekbones, the profile. I look more like him than his own daughter.’

Her comments came as part of a documentary about the forgotten children of the Third Reich whose parents and uncles were responsible for some of the worst atrocities in history.

They banded together in a documentary screened on the MDR channel called ‘My Family, the Nazis and Me’ to bear witness to a terrible past that haunts their lives.

The programme about the children of leading Nazis took three years to complete. For those who took part it was the first time they peeled back the layers of shame abd guilt to speak about living with the memory of their relatives’ crimes.

Katrin Himmler, the great niece of SS chief Heinrich Himmler – second only to Hitler and in charge of the extermination programme – married



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