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Officials “tried to ERASE RAPE” from Cologne NYE report: finger penetration “NOT RAPE”

Germany is in full surrender mode. The Muslim invaders must be protected at all costs. What do the German people think their country will look like in ten years? Will non-Muslim women dare to venture out without hijab?


“Officials ‘tried to erase rape’ from Cologne NYE report,” The Local, May 2, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A high-ranking police officer has alleged that his seniors tried to strike the word rape from an internal police report after the mass sexual assaults in Cologne over New Year.

A chief superintendent in the Cologne police told the investigative committee established in the wake of the attacks that the interior ministry in North Rhine-Westphalia had sought to influence the investigations.

The officer explained that an official from the ministry had called about a rape charge mentioned in an internal police report.

“That isn’t rape. Get rid of it. Delete the report,” the ministry official said, according to the chief superintendent.

The rape report was made by a young woman who alleges she was surrounded by a group of around 50 men, some of whom pushed their fingers inside of her.

When he complained about the caller’s angry and abrupt tone, the official replied “these are the orders from the ministry. I’m simpl



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