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The Left’s moral bankruptcy


Deputy IDF Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Golan’s wretched comments on Holocaust Remembrance Day last week have put many advocates for Israel across the world in an awkward position. For many, years of work went down the drain, as despite whatever Golan’s intention was, international media outlets referred to him as the “Israeli general who compared Israel to Nazi Germany.” Let me be clear: Golan certainly did not mean for his comments to be interpreted as they were, but that in fact makes the matter all the more serious.

Golan subsequently clarified his comments, but not before leftist political and media figures appropriated them for their own use — much to Golan’s detriment. Leftists are using all their creative power to find “signs” in Israeli society that “justify” Golan’s nonsensical comments. One MK called for the High Court of Justice to be bulldozed, the wife of another MK did not want to give birth in the same maternity ward with Arab women, Jewish youth burned down a house and an IDF solider shot an immobilized Palestinian terrorist in the head — all of these are supposed to lead us to the conclusion that Israel is like Germany on the eve Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. Really?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rightly criticized Golan for his comments. It was the prime minister’s duty to do so, both because of the damage the comments caused and the fact that, as the son of a historian, Netanyahu knew how ignorant the comments were. Racism and hatred of the other can be found in any


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