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Muslim ‘refugee’ stabs Swedish teenage girl in the face TWICE for refusing to have sex with him


Two Swedish teenage girls were partying with so-called refugee children at an asylum accommodation in southern Stockholm. It ended with one of the girls being stabbed in the face after refusing to have sex. The prosecutor wants the assailant deported from Sweden, and now the question of the man’s age, his real name, and where he actually is from, is examined by the Supreme Court.

– It has increased exponentially. More and more throw away their identity papers, said the Prosecutor Office Manager, My Hedström, to the news outlet Fria Tider.

It was in the evening of November 10 last year that the party was held at an asylum accommodation for unaccompanied refugee children in southern Stockholm. According to documents from the judiciary, both alcohol and drugs were served at the party, where two Swedish teenage girls, 16 and 17 years old, partied with asylum seekers.

The refugee “children” were very interested in the Swedish girls, especially one of them, who according to his asylum application is named Karim Ageri, is 16 years old and comes from Algeria. Karim grabbed the 17-year-old girl’s butt, tried to kiss her on the mouth and made it clear that he wanted to have sex with her. When he did not accept the 17-year-old’s refusal, the two Swedish girls chose to sneak away from the asylum accommodation by climbing out a window.

But Karim followed them. He pulled out a knife and cut the 17-year-old girl twice in the face, while shouting something to her in a language she did not understand.

Prosecutor Marie Skeppstedt Törnström, which initially was responsible for the case, considers Karim Ageri to be an at least 21 year old man who should be tried as an adult and be expelled from Sweden after serving his sentence.

However, Södertörn District Court disagreed. In December last year the Court sentenced Karim to juvenile detention and dismissed the demand for expulsion. The verdict was appealed to the Svea Court of Appeal who tore up the district court’s ruling, Karim was sentenced to 1,5 years in prison and deportation for the serious assault.

Now the Supreme Court will have to decide Karim Ageri’s age by guessing, as age testing still is a big no-no in Sweden, and



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